Lion 8 Refuse Truck

Model Specs

Lion is building today's first zero-emission truck with an all-electric automated arm and collection body. The Lion8 Refuse truck is designed, created and manufactured to be 100% electric. Its components require very little maintenance and further minimize its total cost of ownership.

In addition to operational and economic benefits, our zero-emission trucks eliminate criteria pollutant and GHG emissions in North American communities, creating a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment for the drivers who operate the trucks and the
communities they serve every day.

Up-time is one of the most important factors that fleet operators consider when buying an all-electric refuse truck. On top of direct savings related to maintenance, more up-time means more time on the road compared to downtime in the garage. This may lead to buying fewer vehicles to accomplish the same amount of work.

Zero-Emission Solution
Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
No Noise Pollution
Reduction Of Maintenance Downtime
Best-In-Class Driving Experience
Proven Safety Record
1,000 - 2,000 Homes Per Day
No Hydraulic Fluid Or Pumps
Less Weight Than A Hydraulic Body
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All compaction and arm movements are powered by the Lion8 HV batteries that drives the electric motor.
All-Electric Class 8 Refuse Truck
Maximum Power:Up to 350 kW – 470 HP
Maximum Torque:3,400 NM / 2,500 ft-lb
Battery Capacity:Up to 336 kWh
Range:Up to 274 km / 170 miles