Imagine a street sweeper that not only cleans your streets with a high-performance, heavy-duty sweeping system, but also does so with Zero Emissions.

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High Visibility Cab (Glass Entry Door included) 5.6 cu yd (4.3 cu meter) Hopper (Volumetric)
Dust & Weather Sealed Cab 47" (1194 mm) dia. Gutter Brooms
Multi-Adjustable Suspension Seat In-Cab Gutter Broom Pressure Adjustment
Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel Tuf-Grip Disposable Gutter Broom Segments
Tinted Safety Windows & Windshield 32" x 56.5" (813 mm x 1435 mm) Tube Type Pickup Broom
Left & Right Dual West Coast Mirrors 58" (1473 mm) Wide Squeegee Type Elevator
Windshield Wiper/Washer One 18 gal (34 L) Hydraulic Oil Tanks
Ergonomic Go Pedal Hydraulic Manifolds in LH Fender
Low Hyd Oil Warning Lights 12.5' Turning Radius with Front Suspension
Speedometer,Electric Motor Assist Tach & Hourmeter All Sheet Metal Surfaces Primer Powder Coated
220 gal (833L) Polyethylene Water Tank Sheet Metal Surfaces Powder Coated
15' (4.6 m) Hydrant Hose with Coupling & Wrench Standard Frame Paint Color Gray
Gutter Broom Water Spray Jets Standard Hopper/Cab/Fenders Paint Color White
Pickup Broom Water Spray Jets Fender Mounted Tool Box
Low Water Level Light in Cab Front & Rear Tie Downs with Tow Hooks
Front Spray Bar PM10 High Quality PUB (Pick Up Broom)
Buddy Seat Ergo Switch Standard
Dual Front Tires with Front Suspension Rear View Camera Standard
Electrical Systems Locker 11 - Flight Elevator System
Cab Controlled Leaf Gate system Isolated Elevator System (Elevator Suspension)
QuickChange Main Broom System Load Leveling Device with Hopper Access Door
Manual Safety Props Hopper Full Indicator
LED Gutter Broom Spotlights 1 Sweeper Service Manuals in English
LED Stop/Tail Lights, Clearance Lights 1 Sweeper Parts Manuals in English
LED Headlights 1 Sweeper Operator Manual in English
Battery Master Shut off Switch 2 Year Elevator Sprocket Warranty
Hopper Emergency Lift w/Pump 210KW Lithium Ion Battery and 240V Level 2 Charging Station