Model Specs
Powerful, Quiet and Simple

The Global "V" Line of Sweeper highlights key features that we believe are essential in modern street sweepers. Global "V" LINE Sweepers incoporate Patented VAS Technology that in not available on any other street sweeper today. The V LINE sweepers are engineered to include Ultra Low Noise Levels while sweeping, very high fuel efficency and Highest Water Capacity combined with Low Water Usage. We are proud to say that our sweepers are reliable, affordable and innovative!

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Chassis:2018 Freightliner M2 106 Conventional, 33,000 GVWR, Rear Air Ride Suspension, Dual Steer, Cummins 6,7-200 200 HP@2300 RPM 520 LB/FT @1600 RPM with 2500 Allison Trans, 2 speed Axle, Dual Air Ride Seat, with Radio, Meets 2018 Emission Standards.

Sweeper: Dual Gutter Broom with Pneumatic Flaps Air Sweeper. Aux. Engine: John Deere, Tier 4Final 4-Cylinder 74HP
- 10" (250 mm) Inside Dia. Vacuum Hose w/Straight Inlet Design - Ergo Switch to Start/Stop All Sweeping Functions
- Hydraulic tilting system over aux. engine -hand pump for emergency. - 29 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Tank
- 8.5 Cubic Yard (6,4m³) Hopper Volumetric Capacity - 20 Micron Return Hydraulic Filters
- Bottom Floor Stainless Steel, side walls & engine cawl - mild steel
- Manual safe body props
- 60 degree Dump Angle of Debris Body - Cyclon prefilter for auxiliary engine
- GRP Water Wanks, 502 Gallons Capacity (1.900 liters) - 25' Hydrant Hose with Coupling & Wrench
- Remote Ground Level Drains: Engine, Hydraulic, Gearbox Oils & Coolant - Centralized Weatherproof Systems Locker
- Remote Ground Level Drains: Engine, Hydraulic, Gearbox Oils & Coolant - Centralized Weatherproof Systems Locker
- One (1) Gutter Broom Water Spray Jets Per Side - Two (2) Rear Mounted LED Strobes w/Limb Guards
- Bumper Mounted Wide sweep Spray Bar with 3 Spray Jets (per side) - Body Paint Two Part Epoxy Factory White
- Wide sweep brush water spray bar with four (4) spray jets - Engine Pack & Sweep Gear Powder Coated black
- Four (4) Vacuum Nozzle Water Spray Jets (per side) - Patented VAST Air recirculation system for low dust
- One (1) recirculated air nozzle water spray jet (per side) - Environmental working temperature higher than 23°F
- One (1) suction duct top water spray jet (per side) - In-Cab Gutter Broom Down Pressure Control
- Exact regulation of the water flow to every nozzle group - In-Cab Gutter Broom Tilt Control - Dual
- Pendant wide sweep broom down pressure control - Tubes and Heavy Duty Wearplates - Rubberized (Dual)
- Outside cab handheld pendant dump controls - Trailing Arm Channel Brushes
- Electrical Wiring Color and Number Coded - Suction nozzle assistance " floating nozzle"
- Dust Proof Electrical Wiring - IP65 Standards - Pneumatic Rear Catch 8" Catch Basin Hose
- Water Proof Electrical Wiring - IP67 Standards - Suction Fan Cleaning Nozzle
- In-Cab Gutter Broom Down Pressure Control - PM10 Water System (3 additional nozzles on sweep gear)
- L.E.D Indicators on All Solenoid Plugs - Hopper and Door Raise Alarm
- Hydraulic suction fan drive, adjustable speed of fan - Aerodynamic Bulky debris flap controlled from the cab
- Coolant/Oil Pressure Shutdown System - Remote Grease Zerk for Wide Sweep Pivot
- In-Cab Gutter Broom and wide sweep broom Speed Control - 29.5" Diameter Trailing Arm Design Gutter Brooms
- Heavy duty fan 25% Increased Suction with Fan Housing - 16" x 59" Wide sweep Broom
- Simultaneus Sweeping for Max Sweeping Path
- Dual LED Gutterbroom and Nozzle Worklights
- 4 GPM @1450PSI Pressure Washer with Hand Lance and Reel (45') - "Unhanded" Suction Nozzle & Gutter Broom Assembly
- Stainless Steel Tackle Line to Shake Hopper Screens - Bulky debris flap controled from the CP in the cab
- "Silent" package with fire resistant sound insulation material in the fan compartment according to EN/DIN 75200 - 1 each Sweeper Ops Manual & Parts & Service CD - English