A9 Monsoon

Model Specs
9.6 Cubic Yard Regenerative Air Street Sweeper

The Schwarze® A9 Monsoon™ is a heavy-duty, chassis mounted, regenerative air street sweeper with a 9.6 cubic yard hopper. The A9 Monsoon™ has the largest standard hopper in the industry.
Larger capacity means more sweeping and less dumping. The A9 Monsoon’s capacity has made it a favorite in regions where leaf sweeping isn’t just a task, it’s a way of life. To work in concert with the large hopper, the A9 Monsoon also features the largest dump door in its class, allowing a full packed hopper to empty with ease. like other Schwarze’s sweepers, large flow area saw tooth drop-down screens allow debris capacity all the way to the screens without plugging.

Patent Pending Single Engine Configuration

The Schwarze A9 Monsoon SE has no performance compromise from its twin engine version and can perform most typical sweeping at a low single engine speeds allowing for low noise and operational costs. When full power is needed for heavy jobs like construction and spring cleanup the A9 Monsoon SE comes through with the same amount of sweep power available on the twin engine A9 Monsoon. Designed to operate exactly like the twin engine model, little if any additional operator and technician training is required.

The A9 Monsoon™ is a heavy-duty workhorse that will provide a high quality option with a low cost of ownership. Come to the people you know, for the products you trust.

9 Cubic Yard HopperExtra large Rear Dump Hopper
CAN Bus Control SystemFull Color Sweeper Status and Information Display screen
144-Inch Sweeping SwathDual Hopper Access Doors
Whisper Wheel 30-Inch Radial Turbine Blower12-Inch Intake Tubes
Dual 46″-Inch Gutter BroomsSchwarze Exclusive Digger Broom Transfer System
Back Up AlarmMulti Stage Dust Separation System
33,000 GVWR Cab Over Chassis33,000 GVWR Conventional Chassis
5-Speed AutomaticTransmissionAM/FM/USB Stereo
Rear Vision Camera SystemAir Conditioned Cab
Power WindowsPower Door Locks
Tilt Steering ColumnCruise Control
Special PaintFront Mounted Magnet Bar
Amber BeaconStobe Light Kit
Arrowboard KitAdditional Flood Lights
Hopper Hand HoseAutomatic Drop Down Screens
Remote Drop down screensHopper Dump Assist Shaker
High strength stainless steel hopper with Lifetime warranty304 Stainless steel hopper with Lifetime warranty
12-Volt Auxiliary Hydraulic SystemDual Steering and Controls
Extra WaterHigh Pressure Front Spraybar
High pressure WashdownGlycol Pump off system
All Schwarze products are manufactured in an ASQ/ANSI/ISO 9001:2105 Standard quality system certified facility.Daily checks engine and hydraulic checks may be performed from the ground without raising the hopper.
44″ Gutter BroomsIncreased broom surface area enables transfer of materials from a greater distance from the sweeping head.
Recessed Gutter Broom Discs Lowers cost of operation by reducing twine to wrap on GB motor.In Cab 27 Degree Hydraulic Allows on-the-fly gutter broom adjustments from cab
Variable speed gutter brooms allow matching the broom speed to the aux engine and to the job.Optional Gutter Broom Extension Override℠ (GEO℠) Increased usability of gutter brooms, and expands
Versatility in various applications. While eliminating the need for a center broom.Optional in-cab gutter broom down pressure allows on the fly broom down pressure adjustment
Angled Rubber Blast Orifice pickup head Increases debris transfer while enabling high speed sweeping90×36″ Sweeping Head for Increased Productivity with a larger area of surface cleaning (quicker transfer, no bulldozing)
Schwarze exclusive “sweeps in reverse” head allows sweeping access where others can’t.Optional pickup head deluge for easy head cleaning.
Optional Broom in head for surface scrubbingBolt in Replaceable head transitions
Large 9 cubic yard volumetric rear dumping hopperTrue debris capacity (8 cu yard) is larger than any standard regen sweeper in the industry. Longer sweep time between offloads and better hopper debris separation.
Largest dump door in the industry allows clean dumping even in packed leaves.Bolt in Pressure and Transition Tubes for longer life expectancy; reduced cost of ownership
High flow lift system allows fast dump cycle speeds.Optional abrasion resistant high strength stainless Steel hopper comes with a lifetime warranty as standard for lower cost operation.
29,000 Cubic Inch, Self-Cleaning, centrifugal and torturous path Circular Dust Separator eliminates the need for the operator to enter the confined debris body when cleaning the separator.Saw tooth Screens for increased screen surface area creates more productivity, and increases debris separation reducing carryover wear and lowers cost of operation.
14″ Suction and pressure Blast Tubes reduced clogging, increased pickup capability.Backup Alarms Alerts pedestrians and vehicles of reverse motion.
Optional rear lighting including strobes and arrow boards notify traffic behind sweeperOptional 8” Auxiliary Hand Hose for hard to clean spaces and Catch basin cleaning.
Whisper Wheel fan system features • 7% more power • 20% less fuel consumption • 70% less noise than previous model fan.Abrasion resistant steel blades eliminates the need for a fan coating increases life expectancy and reduces cost of ownership.
1.5 Grams Balanced Fan Both Sides Reduced vibration, and increased power range of the equipment.Bolt In, Replaceable Fan Liner for ease of maintenance and reduced cost of ownership
Leaf Bleeder Allows up to 80% air exhaust to increase performance under varying material conditions by increasing the head vacuum. The head vacuum also lifts the front flap eliminating the need for a curtain lifter.25 Gallon Hydraulic Tank Capacity reduces the heat build-up which creates a longer life expectancy for key hydraulic components.
Hydraulic Test Ports reduces troubleshooting time.Standard 12V DC Hydraulic Pump is able to raise and lower the sweeping head without the use of the aux engine.
Extra Polyethylene Water Tank for improved efficiency with fewer fill stops.Optional self-dumping magnet bar increases productivity and helps protect tires from damage
Operator friendly ergonomic controls.Can bus with on board diagnostics with fill color screen.
Sweeps-in-Reverse℠ Backup sweeping ability. Eliminates the need for the operator to raise and lower the sweeping head to reverse direction.PM 10 Certified Meets AQMD 1186 requirements to pick up and contain harmful particulates.
Optional Sound suppression system. Low Noise Levels Reduce operator stress; increased productivity in noise sensitive areas.One to Three Remote Cameras with In-cab video Monitor
LED Lighting for Increased visibility on the streets, and reduced cost of ownership.