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Cleanair 5.0

Model Specs
Cleanair 5.0 is the compact vacuum street sweeper with a load capacity of 5 m³.

Harmonious and ergonomic, thanks to its extraordinary performance, compact size and excellent maneuverability, it is agile and quick in city traffic and in the most demanding working conditions. Safe and smart, Cleanair 5.0 is the machine which thanks to the combined action of the front sweeping unit and the strong vacuum system, works with precision and speed, combined with one of the top load capacities in its category.

Hydraulic pump power steering

Load capacity: 6,39 T

Sweeping width: 94,5 – 126 Inch

Euro 6 engine

Maximum speed: 24,8 MPH

6,5 YD³ waste container

184,9 Gal water tank

Climbing ability: 35%

Technical specifications
Maneuverability Its compact exterior dimensions and front hydraulic pump power steering managed by a Load Sensing valve provide this vehicle with the utmost maneuverability, while also guaranteeing perfect directional stability and increased safety during day-to-day work. The 6,5 YD³ Cleanair 5.0 model is available in the 15,5 MPH and 24,8 MPH versions, making it possible to move from one place to another as well as perform cleaning activities, meeting any customer requirement.
Euro 6 Engine The Euro 6 diesel engine features extremely low fuel consumption and emission levels, making it possible to attain the highest performance without giving up on reliability. The diesel engine used is designed to optimize fuel consumption and reduce noise emissions to a minimum in high performance conditions. This translates into up to 60% fuel savings and a reduction of more than 30% in noise emissions compared to similar models.
Water capacity The clean water tank, with its high capacity of 184,9 Gal , guarantees extended, uninterrupted working times.
Sweeping The sweeping unit consisting of independent, self balancing elements in the work phase, makes it possible to achieve excellent performance on three different street levels at the same time (one for each brush and one for the mouth). Thanks to the basket filter, positioned inside the rear of the vehicle, it is possible to filter material while reducing outgoing dust. The unit is protected from damages caused by collisions as it retracts when it encounters an obstacle.
Waste Container The Cleanair 5.0 sweeper is equipped with a watertight AISI 304 stainless steel waste container that is highly resistant to corrosion, with a 6,5 YD³ capacity and a load capacity of 6,39 T. The waste container is able to lift 66,92 Inch on the right side, allowing for precise and targeted dumping of the vacuumed material into large containers.
Driving comfort and safety The ergonomic, watertight aluminum and soundproof cab of the Cleanair 5.0 street sweeper guarantees the utmost operator comfort. Equipped with two anatomic adjustable cushioned seats, it allows operators to work in complete safety and comfort. Furthermore, operators enjoy broad visibility thanks to the Laminated Glass, anti-glare panoramic windshield and side doors with large glass panels and operable windows. All operating function control equipment is located in a central position easily accessible to the driver.
Small size Its extremely compact and reduced exterior size and limited total volume enable Cleanair 5.0 to be used on any type of surface and make it extremely comfortable and agile in urban environments.