Electra 2.0

Model Specs
Electra 2.0 evos is the innovative zero CO2 emission compact street sweeper which is 100% run and operated by 48 Volt electricity.

Harmonious and ergonomic, thanks to its enhanced performance, silence and very small size, it guarantees up to 10 hours of autonomy and is the ideal solution for cleaning historical city centers, pedestrian zones, bike lanes and in general small and medium sized areas, both indoors and outdoors. Safe and smart, Electra 2.0 evos improves the quality of life of residents and operators alike, while guaranteeing excellent performance.

Four-wheel electric steering during the work phase

Load capacity: 1,250 - 1,900 Kg

Sweeping width: 2,270 - 2,420 mm

LiFePO4, AGM or lead-acid 48 Volt batteries

Maximum speed: 25 km/h (35 km/h optional choice combined with lithium batteries)

Waste hopper: 2 m³

Four-star PM2.5/10 certification

Water tank: 400 L

Work autonomy: 9 - 10 hours

Climbing ability: 35%

Technical specifications
SteeringThe carefully tested and safe electric steering provides exceptional agility and maneuverability, which along with optimal directional stability, allow the driver to concentrate completely on sweeping with no distractions and without being concerned about maneuvering the vehicle. Thanks to the four wheel steering system, allowing for high maneuverability, Electra 2.0 evos is capable of efficiently cleaning any surface, from the narrowest alleyways to the widest open spaces. The Electra 2.0 evos electric street sweeper may be equipped with hydraulic steering rather than electric steering upon request to meet customer requirements.
Batteries and runtime Electra 2.0 evos can be equipped with different types of 48 Volt low voltage battery packs designed specifically for the device. The possibility to use different types of batteries (LiFePO4, AGM and lead acid) allows the machine to be adapted to the specific working requirements and budget of each customer. Depending on the battery type chosen, runtime ranges from nine to ten hours, and is therefore able to cover an entire work shift. The tried and tested technology used minimises the environmental footprint and offers high levels of recyclability, as well as high levels of safety thanks to the low voltage.
Charging and regeneration Electra 2.0 evos can be equipped with a wide variety of external single-phase and three-phase battery chargers with different voltages, power ratings and charging times to fully meet customer requirements. It can also be fitted with an on-board battery charger which allows the batteries to be charged at any public car charging point. Moreover, Electra 2.0 evos is also equipped with a regenerative braking system which allows the device's runtime to be further extended.
SweepingThe Electra 2.0 evos electric street sweeper is equipped with a suction waste collection system. Two independent counter rotating brushes located in front of the front steering axis convey materials towards the enhanced vacuum nozzle and an innovative air filtration system located between the waste container and the centrifugal fan, with 20% better performance, makes it possible to filter outgoing air, while increasing air flow efficiency. The street sweeper ensures top-notch performance during the work phase by adapting to any type of street surface thanks to the self-balancing capabilities of every component. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative sweeping system consisting of two independent brushes, the sweeping width is significantly increased without making the machine any bulkier.An optional third front electric brush can increase work performance and allow for greater productivity.
Waste hopper The strong, waterproof 2 m³ waste hopper is made from AISI 304 stainless steel. It is equipped with an AISI 304 stainless-steel mesh filter which is easy to inspect and offers a high level of filtration. The waste hopper can be operated either from the display in the cab or with the optional manual cable via an ergonomic button with extendable cable for use outside the cab. The 1.600 mm raised offload height allows the swept up material to be easily offloaded into containers. The 400 l fibreglass clean water tank guarantees maximum runtime and use of the dust abatement system.
Safety and driving comfort The ergonomic, watertight aluminum and soundproof cab of the Electra 2.0 evos street sweeper guarantees the utmost operator comfort and a unique driving experience, also thanks to shock-absorbing suspensions on all four wheels. Equipped with two anatomic adjustable cushioned seats, it allows operators to work in complete safety and comfort with minimal vibrations and an unbeatable level of soundproofing. The ergonomic and intuitive control display equipped with a user-friendly interface and new, cutting-edge graphics, is highly easy to use, allowing operators to concentrate on their work with no distractions. Thanks to the innovative lights, the Laminated Glass, anti-glare panoramic windshield and new side doors made entirely of glass, with limited framing around the window, visibility is excellent. However, optional supplementary video cameras can provide even broader visibility of the surrounding area. Safety is ensured within the cab thanks to the standard backup camera, Bluetooth radio and safety belts, and outside with enhanced lighting of the sweeping area, providing the maximum visibility even at night or in low visibility conditions. The Electra 2.0 evos electric street sweeper is equipped with a highly efficient and powerful latest generation electronic air conditioning and heating system.
ConnectivityFleet monitoring and digitisation via Tenax Link facilitates the work of both owners and operators. Tenax Link offers targeted services and support, with constant monitoring to minimise downtime and operating costs. The goal is to guarantee use of the sweepers at an optimum level by eliminating all operating inefficiencies.
Compact dimensions Its extremely compact size with reduced exterior dimensions and limited total mass allow Electra 2.0 evos to be used on any indoor or outdoor surface, making it extremely comfortable and manoeuvrable in urban environments.