Maxwind Hydro

MaxWind hydro

Model Specs
MaxWind hydro is the first zero CO2 emission sidewalk washer in the world which is 100% run and operated by electricity.

Harmonious and ergonomic, it is the ideal solution for cleaning and washing sidewalks, pedestrian zones, parking lots and any small or medium sized area, both indoors and outdoors. Safe, maneuverable and efficient, MaxWind hydro guarantees up to 10 hours of autonomy and improves the quality of life of residents and operators alike.

Load capacity: 0,23 T

Washing width: 35,4 Inch

Adjustable 725 – 1450,38 PSI washing pump

Adjustable washing rig & washing sprayer with interchangeable nozzles

24 Volt LiFe PO4 Lithium, AGM or Lead Acid Batteries

Maximum speed: 4,9 MPH

2 x 27,7 Gal water tanks

1,3 Gal disinfectant tank

Work autonomy: 8 - 10 hours

Climbing ability: 20%

Technical specifications
Steering Tenax MaxWind hydro is equipped with two fixed front wheels which guarantee optimal directional stability and unparalleled weight distribution, allowing the sidewalk sweeper and washer to work on any type of surface. At the same time, the large rear pivoting, shock-absorbing wheels make steering light and agile, guaranteeing increased safety.
Batteries and autonomy MaxWind hydro is equipped with various types of 24 Volt low-voltage battery packs specifically designed for use on this vehicle. The option of using different types of batteries (LiFe P04 Lithium, AGM and lead acid) makes it possible to fully adapt to the specific working and budget requirements of every customer. Depending on the type of battery used, the guaranteed autonomy runs from 8 to 10 hours, so it is capable of covering an entire shift. Our carefully tested technology ensures a minimal ecological footprint and high recyclability as well as the utmost safety due to the low voltage used.
Charging MaxWind hydro can be equipped with on-board or external 220 Volt single phase chargers with different types of powers and voltages and different charging times, to fully meet customer requirements.
Washing The MaxWind hydro electric street washer is equipped with a 5725 – 1450,38 PSI adjustable pressure washing system, making it possible to fully meet high, medium or low pressure washing requirements. The washing is performed by an AISI 304 stainless steel swivel washing rig positioned on the front part of the machine. MaxWind Hydro also has washing sprayer on a 47,2 Inch automatically retractable hose which allows for thorough washing and sanitation of less accessible areas as well as street furniture. The sprayer’s water stream can also be adapted at any time thanks to the easily interchangeable and adjustable rotating nozzle and fan nozzle. The sidewalk sweeper and washer ensures top-notch performance during the work phase by adapting to any type of street surface thanks to the self-balancing capabilities of every component.
Water tank MaxWind hydro is equipped with two clean water tanks with a total capacity of 55,4 Gal, allowing for the utmost work autonomy. Thanks to two large openings on top of the tanks which allow for internal inspection, and standard filters, they can be very easily and safely filled. The 1,3 Gal disinfectant tank makes it possible to use the machine for sanitation activities as well. It is also possible to adjust the water pressure to be used during the specific work phase from the dashboard display as necessary.
Driving comfort and safety The MaxWind hydro sidewalk washer is equipped with an ergonomic and intuitive control panel which uses an adjustable motion system to guarantee extreme operator comfort and a unique driving experience, also thanks to the independent suspensions on the rear wheels. It may be used by an operator in either walk behind or ride on mode, as required. The deluxe ergonomic seat enables the operator to use the machine in seated or upright position, guaranteeing the utmost comfort and safety for the operator while working as well as while moving from place to place. The shape of the machine ensures the utmost visibility of the work area as well as the surrounding area. Furthermore, operator safety is protected by enhanced lighting of the sweeping area, providing the maximum visibility even at night or in low visibility conditions.
Connectivity Fleet monitoring and digitalization can support the daily work of both owners and operators. Tenax International offers targeted support and services, with constant monitoring intended to reduce downtime and operating costs to a minimum. The objective is to guarantee optimal sweeper use by eliminating all usage inefficiencies.
Small size Its extremely compact and reduced exterior size enable MaxWind hydro to be used on any type of indoor or outdoor surface and make it extremely comfortable and agile in urban environments as well as pedestrian zones.