Model Specs
MaxWind is the first zero CO2 emission sidewalk sweeper in the world which is 100% run and operated by 24 Volt electricity.

Harmonious and ergonomic, it is the ideal solution for sweeping sidewalks, pedestrian zones, parking lots and any small or medium sized area, both indoors and outdoors. Safe, maneuverable and efficient, MaxWind guarantees up to 10 hours of autonomy and improves the quality of life of residents and operators alike.

Load capacity: 0,12 – 0,14 T

Sweeping width: 49,21 – 51,96 Inch

Technical specifications
Steering Tenax MaxWind is equipped with two fixed front wheels which guarantee optimal directional stability and unparalleled weight distribution, allowing the sweeper to work on any type of surface. At the same time, the large rear pivoting, shock-absorbing wheels make steering light and agile, guaranteeing increased safety.