ROTO-PAC Semi-Automated

ROTO-PAC® Semi-Automated

Model Specs

New Way recognizes that sustainable waste management practices today are critical for the health and well-being of future generations. Solid waste industry leaders are hard at work developing waste diversion initiatives and New Way is committed to reaching our customers’ goals by designing and building equipment with their waste diversion objectives in mind. With an eye fixed firmly on that future, New Way® leads the industry with the introduction of the first, semi-automated ROTO PAC® by New Way.

The speed, compaction, and maneuverability of ROTO PAC remains the same, with the added ability to service semi-automated roll carts. Commercial food waste, on-street parking, and urban environments are all now within easy reach. Residential route on Monday, commercial route on Tuesday—with ROTO PAC’s full collection capabilities, gone are the days of maintaining separate trucks to handle a community’s waste management needs.